Ok guys, So weve all seen rumors about Vin Diesel going into marvel studios. He’s dropping more hints at just who he could possibly be!

He said there’s going to be a different kind of love story so. What does that mean to us marvel fans?

Thanos and Death?

Vision and Scarlet Witch?

Cloak and Dagger?

Pym and Wasp?

The list can go on and on! Point is, hes with marvel now. So let us speculate, cause rumors and generally have a mash up to see what else we can come up with!



Movies! Amazing Spiderman 2!

Hey there nerdcore Nation! Have you heard much about The Amazing Spiderman 2? I have heard almost nothing about plot line or story HOWEVER, I can come to a conclusion. The way the villains are being set up eventually I believe we will be seeing the emergence of The Sinister Six. I’m going to go on record and say that I am not a huge fan of Jamie Foxx as an actor. Hes a great comedian and I will always watch one of his if they are on. Jamie Foxx as Electro is something I am also very apprehensive about. I hope I am proved wrong and I hope that his costume is drastically improved upon throughout the movie because the black hoodie and dark jeans just doesn’t cut it to me as an Electro costume.



This movie has been saved in my opinion from anything that could make it suck for the simple fact that it has Paul Giomatti as The Rhino before the suit. In my opinion Paul Giomatti is one of them most versatile and plain badass actors that I have ever seen on film. Finding out he is in it made me want to see that movie even just that much more. I can’t wait!


TV! Doctor Who!

Ok my fellow Nerdcore’s and Whovians. We are all aware what this year means. This is the 50’th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Alot if not all is speculation besides the fact that David Tennant and Matt Smith will be on screen at the same time solving what ever problems and crisis that Moffat can throw at them. All the while being awesome and wearing bow ties. Why? Because bow ties are cool.

A quote from Matt Smith (The Doctor):

“What [Steven Moffat’s] written is just spellbinding. It’s one of the best [episodes] ever, ever, ever. There are parts of it in mad 3D. But what [Moffat’s] done with the idea is really clever, it’s not just throwing things at the screen. [Moffat’s] been wanting to write this script for ever and he’s really done it justice. There are elements to it which are different from normal episodes. When you combine all the elements that are different it’s not just an episode of Doctor Who, it’s something else, something bigger and more exciting.”

Beyond that I have absolutely no information on it what so ever. I am counting down the days to the premier. Rumors of Eccleson and possibly even the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann might show up. Like I said its speculation. Until then we have to gruelingly wait for months for an already much anticipated episode. I’m sure the original creators of the show had no idea it would blow up to be anything like it is today.

So calm down. Everything is going to be fine.

doctor who 50 bfi


Hey there Nerdcore Nation, how are you all doing today? Ive spent this morning pretty busy and out but here I am to bring you a couple posts throughout the day today being that it is OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! One year ago today I started out to bring you the coolest and newest news, comic reviews, stores of science and awesomeness that I could. For those of you who have followed me through all of this and for the new folks I appreciate all of you. Now onto the fun!

In this movie Superman has been switched up quite a bit. From his suit, to his powers, down to the way he flies. So why wouldn’t his weaknesses change? I have read through a few articles this morning talking about Superman’s new weakness that will more then likely exploited in the up coming Man Of Steel. Its not kryptonite. It’s not a poorly written story. It is not a Lex Luthor kidnapped Lois Lane. It is…. his Isolation! Yep all that isolation and being different will be the cutting edge of weaponry in this movie. Not some radiated crystal from a far away planet. We all know (I’m sure we have all felt alienated at least one time in our life) what it feels like to be alone. Now just think how off the wall that would be with x-ray vision, super speed, flying, super strength, ice breath, blah blah blah. It would be soul crushing I would think. But somehow out of all of the chaos and confusion we get a man not of man tempered to steel. Lawful Good Steel.

If you have been following the little bit leaked info about the movie we know that Zod will be the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) for the movie. It seems that Zod will be throwing his weight mentally at Superman in this film, which to me would be a fresh new idea rather then some nearly unbeatable monster. Im thinking this might actually be worth watching and I am in no way a superman fan.



Hey guys, so today was a very special day. FREE COMIC DAY! I ended up getting plenty of free swag and comics and had a pretty neato day. The highlights of the previews and one shots I got my hands on today had to have been the Superman, The Walking Dead and the Judge Dredd comic. Others did stand out like the Star Wars freebie and the Batman freebie. But what was one of the cooler moments of the day was when The Southern Maryland Superheros showed up. I had got pics of Spidey and Batman. Ironman was late and I didn’t get a chance to see him but the other guys were wicked cool.




I also picked up Superior Spiderman #9 and Red Sonja Unchained #2. Stay tuned for a review of the new Red Sonja line later on tonight or tomorrow! Good night Nerdcore Nation!