Ok guys, So weve all seen rumors about Vin Diesel going into marvel studios. He’s dropping more hints at just who he could possibly be!

He said there’s going to be a different kind of love story so. What does that mean to us marvel fans?

Thanos and Death?

Vision and Scarlet Witch?

Cloak and Dagger?

Pym and Wasp?

The list can go on and on! Point is, hes with marvel now. So let us speculate, cause rumors and generally have a mash up to see what else we can come up with!



Comics! News!

A little blurb I ran across, the bounty hunter Angela of SPAWN fame will be making her way into Marvel Comics this summer starting in Ultron #10. Marvel Chief Creative Officer: Joe Quesada has given up his redesign of Angela for future comics. As a fan of SPAWN, I can’t wait to see what Marvel is going to do with this awesome character.


News and an Apology!

Alrighty guys! The Nerdcore Nations leader is back! I do apologise for the long absence. It has been a hard couple months for me since my mom has passed and money problems and all sorts of woe. But Im getting back in the swing of things like Tarzan (complete with the leopard print loin cloth.) So since it has been a long time since any post I’m going to jump right into some basic things that you may or might not have heard of and throw my own opinions in there. I mean if you didn’t want to see that part why would you be following pretty lil ol me to begin with?!

In Marvel news, The Marvel Now! campaign is well underway. With a revamping of classic titles to fit a changing culture scape brought in by the new age of Comic Book Movies, this proves to be a very promising line for Marvel to take. With Deadpool #1, Indestructable Hulk and quite a few other on thier way in to comic shops near you keep an eye out for some really awesome new titles. Also in Marvel news, The Amazing Spiderman will be ending at issue 700. This will be the end of one of marvels longest running comics beloved by the company and the fans but I don’t see any sign of Mr. Parker hanging up his webshooters and red and blues any time soon so don’t you worry about that. Also Venom and The Scarlet Spider has had a crossover with Carnage in a miniseries Minimum Carnage. Starting in Minimum Carnage Aplha, Continuing back and forth between Scarlet Spider and Venom series finalling ending in Minimum Carnage: Omega. An amazing quick little mini series that if you havn’t been reading the full sereis of both, you need to. A review of the miniseries will come later. Also in the weather we will be in for a shower of blood as Dexter comes to Marvel.\

In DC news, Jason Gordon-Levitt is contacted to play the new batman in a possible lead up role to a new batman movie as well as the up and coming Justice League movie. The New 52 is going on strong after the effects of clarity of the Zero Month with story line questions answered and new comics set up for normal reading. Out of all of them The Phantom Stranger has really stood out among everything else. Even now I still cant rally myself to honestly give DC more chances.

In DYNAMITE! news, Mark Wade will be writing for the Green Hornet in 13′. I honestly can’t wait to see what he can do with the character. The rest of the industry is marching on finely with The Shadow and the  Pathfinder series. Also for Dynamite Garth Enis will be leaving the series The Boys to write a new series called Red Team. The massive hero crossover Masks reaches its third issue. Dynamite has also picked up the show Grimm for a new comic series.

Comic News!

Ok so this might be a new segment among the regular bits and pieces of blogs i write here and there. I want to start up a weekly news segment for new comic day which we all know of course is today. It seems the comic world goes from wednesday to wednesday. So therefore we shall follow said logic. Anyhoo on with the news!

DC: There is a bit of news going on with DC comics. There is a fighting game in the works that will pit DC heros against DC Villains against DC Gods. it’s called Injustice: Gods Among Us. From what I can see of it, It looks pretty neat. Kinda Mortal Kombaty. With a release date of 2013 I would assume DC and NetherRealm Studios should be able to work the kinks out.

Also you need to watch out for the Before The Watchmen Mini series. It will go through all of the watchmen and see original exploits and events leading up to the movie. Look for it at your local Comic Shop.

In final DC news there are rumors that by 2014 we might be seeing a Justice League movie. With the Avengers movie breaking records I would assume that DC lit a fire under their writers tales and got them working again. I know I’m hard on DC but I do it because I know they can do better. They just need a bit of prodding. With rumors of the screen play being written and a possible release date lets just hope that they find the time to put into some singular hero movies besides batman to set up for the Justice League. Marvel did an excellent job at intertwining the movies together to make the Avengers movie make sense. For some reason the idea of Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, The Green Lantern and The Martian Man Hunter sitting around a giant table at the beginning of the movie just doesn’t sit well with me. And if they had any sense they would at least pay homage to the old cartoons and have someone say Meanwhile at the hall of justice.

In marvel News: Captain America was at the opening of National Association of Drug Courts Professionals annual training conference. Kick starting the conference which is which addressed the topics of addictions, mental health and the criminal justice system. To find more information on this you can go here and read the article: In Upcoming events at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry there will be a visit by Ironman.

Also in Marvel news the fight between The Avengers and The X-men is going into the fifth round of fights and is overshadowed by the burning light of The Pheonix.

In final major news this week, Howard The Duck will be venturing into his 25th anniversary and the fact that no one remembers him as the first Marvel hero to hit the big screen has him angry. Alas I remember you Howard..I remember.

IDW has some interesting news this week. The much anticipated crossover for Doctor Who and Star Trek has sold out of #1’s that even I couldn’t have gotten a copy. Hopefully that will change soon. Tarzan of The Apes will be making its appearance this september and for all of my gothy and dark nerds like myself out there we all loved The Crow right? Well there will be a new series with IDW for a new Crow comic book coming out this summer. So look for that.

And in this week in comics Dynamite has begun the Prophecy cross over for Vampirella, Dracula and Red Sonja. Who knows what other heros might make it into the series. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are the first you see so I am more then sure we will be seeing them again. Bionic woman also makes her appearance into Dynamite’s arsenal of femme fatales.

In upcoming review news be sure to look for Prophecy, Extermination, Avengers Assemble, Haunt and quite a bit more.

Well nerdcorecrazies that wraps up this edition of Comic News! for this week. Now I know I Know I didn’t Cover Image or Boom comics But theres also so many comic publishers out there. So heres my proposal to you my loyal readers, If you want me to cover some publishers each week I will. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this little blog and let me know what you my lovelies want to see and I will oblige. Remember I’m doing this for me but mostly I do it for you. I can shout at the soapbox all I want but no has to listen but you do and that makes you special.

Comic News! The Green Lantern…Coming out!

Ok so those of you who have been following the recent rumor of a Gay Superhero in the DC universe coming out…well it’s happened. Starting in Earth 2 of the New 52, Green Lantern, Alan Scott will be younger and well.. gay. Honestly this has no obvious affect on me. I’ve never been a big DC reader so I can’t really comment on it too much especially since it isn’t the first openly gay character ever. Though the story line is that Alan Scott is younger in this (which makes his gay son not exist for those of you who know your comic history) And he has taken on that part. But to my knowledge he is a blatantly successful superhero who just happens to be gay. The writers are said that this won’t delve into some deeper story that later on will just blow up. So honestly whats the big deal? One version of Hal Jordan was black if I believe. Its essentially the same thing. Why does it matter? Sure some kind of culture will become more represented but in the end what does it accomplish? We still want to see the super hero kick the villains butt and save the day. It doesn’t matter if they are green, blue, black, sexless or Spawn(Spawn is Spawn and he is made from Wynn and Awesome). We want action. We want drama. We want to see inked out explosions and cool aliens and monsters. Who cares if the person punching the monster in the face is gay. Also on that note good luck to Northstar with his marriage to his boyfriend. I’m married and well..just good luck Northstar.