Comics! Renato Jones: The One%

Whats crackalackin my Nerdcore Nation?! Today is the first comic review we here at Nerdcore comics and more have done in what seems like forever! So while we dust off thwe cobwebs on our review writing skills, please, be gentle with us. So up in our first review we have the comic, Renato Jones: The One%. This comic is about as crazy as it gets. The story is of a kid who gets picked up as the heir to a massive fortune. Whether he is or isn’t the heir is debated. After a bunch of crazy stuff going down within the first few pages, we find ourselves in the present and Renato is all grown up and he is at this point loaded. There is also a hit man going around calling himself The Freelancer. This specific gentleman picks off the insanely rich. It is at this point that I’m going to take a step back and explain the situation of the comic now that your caught up with whats going on with the main character. The story revolves around a world whose economy is a caricature of our own economy. The rich are insanely rich and wield their power, influence and money to gross extremes rivaling if not surpassing the likes of Emperor Nero or Le Marquis De Sade.

Lets now talk brass tax. The art of the comic looks like a mix of early to mid 90’s artwork with the coloring of a pulp comic. Being that a lot of comics end up bought and ignored by me simply because of the artwork, I can vouch that though it seems a bit out there at first, it is absolutely amazing and fits with the feel of the comic very well. For the writing and dialog also gets high marks from me. The flow of the comic has a very nice speed and you can tell each character has his or own personality. Not just a few lines and cookie cut it and repeat. The writer, artist and over all creator of the comic, Kaare Kyle Andrews goes to great lengths to state that this is Kaares comic. It is amazing what one man who is driven can do and at the end of it there is a column and before that a letter to the reader. It is the most inspirational thing I’ve ever read as a writer. So for the Nerdcore Score, I give it a 8/10 for amazing artwork, story and writing and whole-heartedly  suggest giving this comic a try.




Comics! Superior Spiderman!

Ahh now here we go back to our bread and butter. Ive picked up quite a few new comics recently and I would like to take a minute and talk about this questionable Spiderman incarnation. I will be giving spoilers so if you do not want to know what happens in Spiderman #700 don’t read on.

In Spiderman #700, Doctor Octopus has peter right where he wants him. Strapped down on a table waiting for him to switch their brains. Switching conscious into each others brain. Then Doc Oct’s body is destroyed. Then we see Peter Parker through the eyes of Otto Octavious. Some who might go to the length of saying a possible future of what Peter Parker could have turned out to be. As if he gets a second chance and he is taking the world by storm.

The new Spiderman is more straight to the point, ass kicking, thrill ride of a comic. The writing is superb and the story arcs even early (delving into the polar change in Peter’s behavior) are excellently handled. Also don’t count our original friendly neighborhood spiderman out yet! He’s tailing his old body as a ghost from place to place. Even seeing into Otto’s mind and memories. Will he get his body back? Where will that leave Doc Ock? Only Time will tell.

There is so much controversy revolving around this that it isn’t funny. So much negativity and even death threats to the writers? Come on guys! As much as I love comics and vidya games (ands I dos) there is no reason for all of that rot. Even though Superior Spiderman takes the franchise, turns it up on it’s head and spins it around till it gets dizzy, there should always be room for a open mind. Parker is the brainchild of many writers through the years and he will be forever more. He isn’t going away. He might take a vacation like this one but he is always going to be Swinging On.

My final thought on the series? I absolutely love it. It’s fresh! It’s new! It is something I honestly think The Amazing Spiderman needed. Its a great read for new comers and old timers alike so go out and pick up your copies as soon as possible. Good night True Believers.


Comics! Dungeons and Dragons: Infestation

Ok so you guys know how I have been up for D&D for a while now and I’ve for the most part largely ignored the D&D comics out of some strange resentment that I feel as if D&D should stick to people and gaming. Comics and all for D&D just seem like some general fantasy stories. However tonight that has changed. IDW’s Infestation line of comics have the IDW world taken over by The Sleeping God. The Old One. C’thulu and the Old Ones themselves.

C’thulu raiding the D&D world has turned my veiw and more then interested me in more of the series. This little two part comic centers around an Elf and a Dwarf in a very very very Sherlock and Holmes like relationship. The elf is the primier detective in the city and the Dwarf is well the strong arm. After a woman comes to them asking for help finding her brother, the D&D Dynamic Duo stumble upon the Captain of the gaurd using the brother in some strange ritual that concludes with the Captain being knocked out and the Elf destroying the ritual space. A Clusterfuck insues.

I’m not going to ruin the ending of the series but I hope that ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Rl’yeh wgah’nagl fhtagn




Comics! Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe!

It’s that time again my dear Nerdcore Crazies! I have a stock of reviews to unload on you all and mabey by the end of the week you will be able to put your head back togather like our favorite Merc With A Mouth Deadpool. Speaking of Deadpool, I hope this isn’t the first you have heard about this amazing new comic run of his!

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is one of the best incarnations of Deadpool that I have ever read. Xavier and the X-men bring in Deadpool to a psychiatric hospital for derranged supervillains. During his “treatment” it is reveiled that his Doctor is actually Psychoman! (Spoiler warning!) Psychoman breaks Deadpools fragile link to reality and well then gets killed by Deadpool. The treatment effectively made deadpool a focused killer with only one voice in his head and an intent to kill every super (whether it be villain or hero) in the universe.

Essentially the story behind it is that deadpool finally breaks loose of the comic world. He goes on a killing spree to release the people we know, love and hate from having to dance to the drama we crave as comic readers. Proffessor X tries to stop DP by breaking down his mind but is turned into a vegitable when he sees DP’s perspective. Beyond that.. The Watcher dies, The Fantastic 4 and so many, many others.

(Also another Spoiler: Dp Blows Spiderman’s head off.)

Overall the artstyle is general to Marvel comics. Nothing too special there. The story is a definite 10/10 and an amazing storyline drivin by insanity and a kill count higher then Robocop 3! IT is definitely an amazing read for ANY fan of Deadpool and the marvel universe to see how their favorite hero or hero team dies.

Comics! The Killing Joke!

Here is an oldie but goldie. The Killing Joke is a graphic novel exploring further the complex relationship between Batman and The Joker. All the while giving a possible glimpse into one of The Joker’s possible origins. As he has said it himself:” If I have to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!” Anywhoo there is a petition right now to have The Killing Joke turned into a animated movie with Mark Hamil returning as the Clown Prince Of Crime. I think this is one of the few things that we as comic book nerds are owed. Such a big stepping stone from Batman and The Joker’s past should indeed be made into a movie with all the bows, bells, whistles and booby traps. So when you get a chance head over to your facebook (unless you are a hipster then it would be too mainstream) and go to this link:

As I posted on this page myself….. DOOO EEEEET

Comics! Punk Rock Jesus!

For comics that I absolutely fall in love with, I will usually have a sarcastic or some kind of comedic opening for these blogs if you haven’t noticed. This one is actually so far out there and different, I have no idea how to even critique it. I honestly don’t. All I do know is that this comic is completely bad-ass. There is nothing I can think of to compare it to. There is very so often a comic that pushes certain limits and boundaries starting off. Punk Rock Jesus is one of those comics. A VERTIGO comic mini-series spanning 6 issues, this will definitely cause a bit of a stir.

To start off, the comic is drawn in black and white. No colors and a very sketchy art style which I think adds to the atmosphere of the comic itself. The story revolves around a reality TV show that is called J-2. A company called Orphis enlisted a world famous Geneticist and Environmentalist named Dr. Sarah Epstein to set up a human cloning lab in international waters. She is to take DNA from the Shroud of Turin to clone Jesus. That is right you saw what I typed. They are cloning Jesus and turning him into a TV show.

This is one of those comics where I really don’t want to give anything out. With it being a mini series the plot will be full in the next few months. I just want to wet your eye buds and turn you onto this brand new spanking VERTIGO comic. Hopefully this will have done it’s job and you will be waiting the new comic day with me for the next issue of Punk Rock Jesus along with SAGA and what ever else your monthlies are.