Life: It gets in the way.

Hello there my Nerdcore Nation! I know it has been soo very long you may have even forgotten about me. I’m floating around and working on getting back in the swing of things. I have been very fortunate as of late after a large bout of bad luck. Well more so then my normal run of the mill bad luck. Since the last time we all had a little sit down so much has happened! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really taken off, the DCU has been trying (it really has god bless their little hearts), 7 or 8 major comic arcs have happened, Spiderman is back in the hands of Marvel (sort of) and we have the rebirth of Star Wars with The Force Awakens also the DC comic universe Rebirth Which will be wildly uncovered by this specific site. We all know I’d rather read Marvel over DC and Dynamite over Marvel. So from here on instead of playing catch up with about two years of nerdy news that we have already lived through, were going to steam roll forward with whats happening and the future of Nerdisms. Were going back to reviewing, comic rumors, news, special events and everything else I can get a hold of for your pretty little eyes to feast upon. So for tonight my Nerdists, I’m going to say good night and tomorrow we will be reviewing a comic by Kaare Kyle Andrews called Renato Jones: The One%. A riveting tale of a orphaned lad taking revenge on the you guessed it, the rich who destroy the lives of the less fortunate.




She Dreams in Digital (teaser)

I started to write last night and what came out was the beginning of an amazing story focusing on a strong female lead, great concept of a cyberpunk future, all around really friggin cool stuff. Then this morning I hop on facebook like most of us do and and what do I see? A trailer for a movie called Ex Machina. Now if you know me, you know as much as I love fantasy, Science Fiction is my home. But as I watched the trailer, Ive fallen in love with this concept. Whats up with female A.I./androids lately? First Ghost in the Shell starring the wrongfully picked Scarlett Johannson (should be Rinko Kikuchi of Pacific Rim fame jus sayin).  Am I on the right track? if so I need an artist for this. Whos down?

So excited and be honest, so are you.


Hey guys, so today was a very special day. FREE COMIC DAY! I ended up getting plenty of free swag and comics and had a pretty neato day. The highlights of the previews and one shots I got my hands on today had to have been the Superman, The Walking Dead and the Judge Dredd comic. Others did stand out like the Star Wars freebie and the Batman freebie. But what was one of the cooler moments of the day was when The Southern Maryland Superheros showed up. I had got pics of Spidey and Batman. Ironman was late and I didn’t get a chance to see him but the other guys were wicked cool.




I also picked up Superior Spiderman #9 and Red Sonja Unchained #2. Stay tuned for a review of the new Red Sonja line later on tonight or tomorrow! Good night Nerdcore Nation!

Comics! Superior Spiderman!

Ahh now here we go back to our bread and butter. Ive picked up quite a few new comics recently and I would like to take a minute and talk about this questionable Spiderman incarnation. I will be giving spoilers so if you do not want to know what happens in Spiderman #700 don’t read on.

In Spiderman #700, Doctor Octopus has peter right where he wants him. Strapped down on a table waiting for him to switch their brains. Switching conscious into each others brain. Then Doc Oct’s body is destroyed. Then we see Peter Parker through the eyes of Otto Octavious. Some who might go to the length of saying a possible future of what Peter Parker could have turned out to be. As if he gets a second chance and he is taking the world by storm.

The new Spiderman is more straight to the point, ass kicking, thrill ride of a comic. The writing is superb and the story arcs even early (delving into the polar change in Peter’s behavior) are excellently handled. Also don’t count our original friendly neighborhood spiderman out yet! He’s tailing his old body as a ghost from place to place. Even seeing into Otto’s mind and memories. Will he get his body back? Where will that leave Doc Ock? Only Time will tell.

There is so much controversy revolving around this that it isn’t funny. So much negativity and even death threats to the writers? Come on guys! As much as I love comics and vidya games (ands I dos) there is no reason for all of that rot. Even though Superior Spiderman takes the franchise, turns it up on it’s head and spins it around till it gets dizzy, there should always be room for a open mind. Parker is the brainchild of many writers through the years and he will be forever more. He isn’t going away. He might take a vacation like this one but he is always going to be Swinging On.

My final thought on the series? I absolutely love it. It’s fresh! It’s new! It is something I honestly think The Amazing Spiderman needed. Its a great read for new comers and old timers alike so go out and pick up your copies as soon as possible. Good night True Believers.



Ever wonder what it would be like to be Ironman? Ever wonder what it would be like to be Tony Stark? Ever wonder what it would cost to be Ironman? Well today is your lucky day since I’ve found a neat little run down on the costs of the armor and the tech and random things Tony has laying around.


Good Morning! Videos! Kid Apocalypse!

Hey there Nerdcore Nation I’ve been surfins the Youtubes today and I found a neat little Nerdcore Rapper named Kid Apocalypse. He has a wicked flow and I just had to download his free samples. His song Apocalypse Rising is definitely worth checking out. So if your into nerdcore rap head over to youtube and look him up.

You can find him on facebook here:

And heres a sample of what he can do:



BREAKING NEWS! Brian Posehn Coming to Third Eye!

Nerdist Comedian Brian Posehn will be coming to Third Eye Comics for A Very Deadpool Christmas! Mr. Posehn will be writing for our favorite Merc with a Mouth! If your not familiar with Who he is then check him out on youtube and find him on facebook! GO NAO!

Or if your not familiar with deadpool check out the review for Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe  on my site or you can head to your Local Comic Shop and pick up any of the deadpools already out there. You can also get the marvel revamp with Deadpool #1 of Marvel Now!