Life: It gets in the way.

Hello there my Nerdcore Nation! I know it has been soo very long you may have even forgotten about me. I’m floating around and working on getting back in the swing of things. I have been very fortunate as of late after a large bout of bad luck. Well more so then my normal run of the mill bad luck. Since the last time we all had a little sit down so much has happened! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really taken off, the DCU has been trying (it really has god bless their little hearts), 7 or 8 major comic arcs have happened, Spiderman is back in the hands of Marvel (sort of) and we have the rebirth of Star Wars with The Force Awakens also the DC comic universe Rebirth Which will be wildly uncovered by this specific site. We all know I’d rather read Marvel over DC and Dynamite over Marvel. So from here on instead of playing catch up with about two years of nerdy news that we have already lived through, were going to steam roll forward with whats happening and the future of Nerdisms. Were going back to reviewing, comic rumors, news, special events and everything else I can get a hold of for your pretty little eyes to feast upon. So for tonight my Nerdists, I’m going to say good night and tomorrow we will be reviewing a comic by Kaare Kyle Andrews called Renato Jones: The One%. A riveting tale of a orphaned lad taking revenge on the you guessed it, the rich who destroy the lives of the less fortunate.




Website Spotlight! Miniature Market!

Recently I have began mini collecting. This all stems from playing and about to play D&D. Always wanting my own minis so I may run my own adventures for my kids or wanting my own mini that I know will fit my character. I have searched through dozens of mini sites across the internet. Some in English, some not, some more complicated then honestly should be. Through all of these my brother told me about this website called Miniature Market. Being that it was a first page google search, I passed over it favoring underdogs thinking I might get better prices at a lesser known site. I was dead wrong.

After my first couple of purchases and speedy delivery, I will never use another website for my mini and game needs. They have everything a table top gamer could want or need for anything they want to run! So seriously, if your a tabletop gamer, mini collector or looking for a new game to run or board game to play, check them out. They always have a fresh batch of minis for sale and deals that are just mind blowing. Infact they just restocked a bunch of minis today and ill be giving them more money. You can also like them on facebook at:

And you can see the website yourself at:

Miniature Market Logo

Miniature Market Logo

Movies! Comic Book and Vidya Game Movies!

Ok so last night feverishly and completely wide awake, I made the decision to let my hands put something to watch on tv that wouldn’t wake the wifey. I watched a marathon of comic book and game movies.Some were good, some were awesome, some were horrendously bad movies. this blog doesn’t have too much of a purpose to it. I just wanted to write this stuff down for the fun of it. Im sure your all also tired of hearing comic reviews all the time. 

All were worth watching just for the genre’s sake. But then again I also enjoy bad movies. Anyway heres a short rundown of the movies watched last night. Some I might bring back some memories for you. Some of those memories just might want to be left forgotten like no one knew they made a third sequel to Blood Rayne. 

Spawn was first at bat. Micheal Jai White played a mean SPAWN and John Leguizamo was a wicked clown. It was a definite Todd McFarlane film. Badass soundtrack, what it lacked in depth it made up for in awesome.

Second coming up was The Shadow with Alec Baldwin and Tim Curry. This has The Shadow written all over it. The characters were played down to a t and it was overall one of the better comic book adaptations of a movie I’ve seen.

Blood Rayne 3: The Third Reich came up third. At least it had Rayne fighting nazis but beyond that I can’t say much or this BR movie or any of them. They are horrible but they do hold a little piece of my heart. I love bad movies.

Resident Evil came on after that. To say the very least I am very picky about my zombie movies. Very picky. Just ask my wife. However I am in love with this movie because Michelle Rodriguez is in it. I have a huge thing for her. That and I like zombie pinups so her + zombie = hawt.

Dick Tracy came on and I honestly forgot how much I really missed that movie. I think it had Denis Quaid as Dick Tracy. I don’t care for that but it might re-jog your memory. It was a colorful and wonderfully transition from pulp comic to movie. Really nice work. 

Then I watched The Craft. No real reason, I just think Fairuka Balk is hawt.

After that was Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihation. Two of my fav movies growing up. Honestly looking back at them now I can truly see how bad they are but damn if I still don’t want to learn how to do Lui Kangs Bicycle Kick.

Anyhoo that’s really all there is to my last night of sleeplessness. Hopefully I will be able to get some decent sleep tonight my Nerdcore Nation.


Comic! Carnage U.S.A.: A Patriotic Comic Review!

Ohh Say can you see

Carnage USA

Home Sweet Symbiosis

Nothing Owns me

Enough with that now. I know I’m a  few hours early for the 4th of July but I wanted to crank this out early since I love you guys. I went off to my LCS today in search of something patriotic. Something inspiring. Something worth reading. Something that’s not Captain America. Sorry Cap but in my book he is a bit over played. 

Carnage USA starts out at a nice quaint and quiet town. Then… Cletus Kassady happens. In Carnage USA it is in Carnage’s master plan to turn everything and everyone into an extension of himself. Women, Children, Babies! All Carnage. It is absolutely amazing. As far as I have gotten the book is awesome. Sadly my LCS didn’t have the last three issues so a Full review is pending. On the other end of that this story so far is absolutely awesome. In the first couple of pages he takes over a town, takes over The Avengers (Carnage Wolverine and Carnage The Thing is flippin insane!) So it is total carnage and action from the get go with no sign of slowing down. Not to mention the unique artstyle that I have honestly fallen in love with. It seems to be some form of  digital paint and airbrush but I could be wrong. Either way this comic is an absolute must for any fan of Spiderman or the symbiotes.  Also a guest appearance of Toxin my second fave right after Venom! Who could not want this?!

Now that we have that out of the way I would like to take a minute of your time to remind you of the sacrifices of the men and women of this great Nerdcore Nation and what it has given us and protected. Since the Revolution the American Soldier has given his life, limbs, blood, sweat and tears to make sure we are free and protected. Not to mention to fight injustice all over the world. From the Nerdcore Nation and to any of my Military readers, I give my profound thanks and thanks of the Nation that you have given your lives for. 


HELP! Third Eye Comics Needs You!

Hey there my lovely Nerdcore Crazies! Tonight I bring you news that is of GREAT IMPORTANCE! It’s so important I made it bold. Yes.  Third-Eye Comics NEEDS YOU! to help them win this awesome grant! It is a competition that is made for small business’s to give them a fair sum of money to help them expand their business. This being one of the few comic shops in the country needs it’s help! Ive done my fair share and now I come to you my dear followers. Those I love so much because you listen to me yell from my padded soap box of a chair. If I may all direct your attention to:

Click the Log in & Support button, select Maryland in the drop down list, and type in Third Eye Comics, and click vote. We promise: it’ll only take a minute, and if we win, burritos and lightsabers for everyone. 🙂 Seriously, LIGHTSABERS. BURRITOS. How can this not be good? 🙂


So go on follow the directions and vote! Then Go to your friends and make them vote! Tell them The Goddamned Batman will bust in their door break their TV and eat ALL OF THEIR OREOS if they don’t vote! Then he will have sweet loving sex with their moms. Just sayin. not what I’d do. But he’s the goddamned batman.


Odds and Ends! Netflix!

Ok so I’m not 100% one for endorsing any bigwig company. However I enjoy netflix for some reasons that aren’t on your average viewers lists.

1. Netflix is a hive of nostalgia. Yes. Yes it is. In the past few months I have seen the original three seasons of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers(and an addition to that almost every other incarnation of power rangers there is.). V.R. Troopers, Beatleborgs, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Beakmans World, Streetsharks, HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe, Bravestar!! Shows that I grew up on. Shows that are on every nerds mind from time to time. With all these oldies but goodies the good people at netflix are adding more all the time.

2. Music Documentaries. I love music. Yes I am a metal head at heart but with so much music in the world from so many years you just can’t listen to one genre and be ok with it. They have documentaries about Queen, Meatloaf, Black Sabbath! They also have concerts. Just the other day I was watching Jaco Pastorious at a 1970’s jazz festival in i believe montreal on netflix. 

3. And third and finally…… Old movies. One thing about me is I love old movies and without netflix, I probably would have gone quite a while without seeing some of the greatest movies ever made. From Nosferatu and Phantom Of The Opera to The Abominable Dr. Phibes and all of those b-horror movies in between. They are on my Insta-Queue and will never leave. However my only gripe with it is that they don’t have Elvira (aten-hut) announcing the movies. oh BTW should she be reading this through some act of the Gods or sheer dumb luck….. I LOVE YOU ELVIRA!!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Anyway. Those are your most nerdy reasons to like netflix. Besides some decent anime (i’m really not a big fan of it…like not at all really…besides Mobile Suite Gundam (the endless waltz kind) and Ronin Warriors I don’t do anime.) There are some killer science and philosophical documentaries. Which also I am absolutely in love with.  Something about Quantum Physics that just gets my gears going. 

Well that’s it for this blog. I just wanted to let you know all the cool stuff that has been on netflix. You might have to search for some  of it. Especially the older movies if your into it like me. Either way enjoy what it be.

I’m also irrevocably in love with elvira.