Ok guys, So weve all seen rumors about Vin Diesel going into marvel studios. He’s dropping more hints at just who he could possibly be!

He said there’s going to be a different kind of love story so. What does that mean to us marvel fans?

Thanos and Death?

Vision and Scarlet Witch?

Cloak and Dagger?

Pym and Wasp?

The list can go on and on! Point is, hes with marvel now. So let us speculate, cause rumors and generally have a mash up to see what else we can come up with!



Comics! East of West!

Hey there nerdcore crazies! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Death ride in a post-apocalyptic future? Well I tell you it is absolutely awesome. In the dust covered Wild Wild West of the future, The civil war turned out quite different and many things are new and strange. This is one of those comics that even I with my gift of gab have a difficult time talking about. The awesomeness of the comic is really hard to put to words. Essentially the main character is Death. He is followed by two what I assume to be shape changing Indians as he goes off on a killing spree of people who (Spoilers). As he is on his adventure, the other three horsemen of the apocalypse wake up in child bodies that still have all memories and power and they go off on their own. With bodies piling up on both sides, the story will convalesce into an even more brutal and wildly done post apocalyptic future.


Now lets talk nitty gritty. I don’t really have a complaint about this comic.I love the artwork, I love the dialog. Everything flows seamlessly from one panel to another. If your not a big fan of westerns or science fiction it might be sort of hard for you to get into but overall the comic is devilishly well done. I can’t wait to read more in the future and I hope you will join me on that.