Sometimes I wonder in the unlimited parallel universes alongside ours if there really is a Doctor. Well for SCIENCE! is just narrowing my opinion of that down to definitely in one of these. Using the Kepler Telescope, NASA has found a transiting circumbinary multi-planet system. Two worlds orbiting two stars. Which is the exact description of Gallifrey, The Doctor’s home planet. It is also akin to the luxury-planet-builders’ planet Magrathea from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Though officially named: Kepler 47 (five values off from the answer to everything), you and I both know what every scientist and astronomer is calling it.

You can read the Science article here at:



Website Spotlight! Miniature Market!

Recently I have began mini collecting. This all stems from playing and about to play D&D. Always wanting my own minis so I may run my own adventures for my kids or wanting my own mini that I know will fit my character. I have searched through dozens of mini sites across the internet. Some in English, some not, some more complicated then honestly should be. Through all of these my brother told me about this website called Miniature Market. Being that it was a first page google search, I passed over it favoring underdogs thinking I might get better prices at a lesser known site. I was dead wrong.

After my first couple of purchases and speedy delivery, I will never use another website for my mini and game needs. They have everything a table top gamer could want or need for anything they want to run! So seriously, if your a tabletop gamer, mini collector or looking for a new game to run or board game to play, check them out. They always have a fresh batch of minis for sale and deals that are just mind blowing. Infact they just restocked a bunch of minis today and ill be giving them more money. You can also like them on facebook at:

And you can see the website yourself at:

Miniature Market Logo

Miniature Market Logo

Technical Difficulties!

Hey there my dear Nerdcore nation, I want to thank you for keeping with me all this time. From lack of money to computer problems that continue to persist, I will be doing as much posting as I can for this week to catch up on lost time. So a quick rundown of things that will be coming up:

-Astronomers find Gallifery
-Comic Review East of West
-Doctor Who? Do we really need his name.
-Expansion of Netflix and a review of Hemlock Grove
-Website Spotlight: Miniature Market

And More! So thank you again my friends and your amazing host with the most will be back to full strength soon enough.