She Dreams in Digital (teaser)

I started to write last night and what came out was the beginning of an amazing story focusing on a strong female lead, great concept of a cyberpunk future, all around really friggin cool stuff. Then this morning I hop on facebook like most of us do and and what do I see? A trailer for a movie called Ex Machina. Now if you know me, you know as much as I love fantasy, Science Fiction is my home. But as I watched the trailer, Ive fallen in love with this concept. Whats up with female A.I./androids lately? First Ghost in the Shell starring the wrongfully picked Scarlett Johannson (should be Rinko Kikuchi of Pacific Rim fame jus sayin).  Am I on the right track? if so I need an artist for this. Whos down?

So excited and be honest, so are you.