SCIENCE! Grinder Tech!

Hey guys! Your Nerdcore main man here with some new vocabulary for you! Have you ever heard the term Grinder? Before today me neither. Well I have come to find out that it is a term describing a certain people who life hack human bodies augmenting them with tech implants. Sounds futuristic and cool? Yeah it fucking does! Anyhoo this guy got tired of headphones and earbud wires getting in the way and getting all broken and stuff SO what does he decide to do? He gets a small magnet implanted in the Tragus. (That little stiff  thing in in front of your ear.) It receives audio signals via magnetic field that is produced by a coil hanging around his neck. Although the audio quality isn’t all that great it is a first step in new tech for this which I think is pretty cool and definitely should be watched for the audiophile.

Heres a link to the article:

AAAAND should you want to make your own invisible headphones here is a small tutorial on how to and what needed:

Welp thats it for me right now guys! Talk to you all again soon!