SCIENCE! Grinder Tech!

Hey guys! Your Nerdcore main man here with some new vocabulary for you! Have you ever heard the term Grinder? Before today me neither. Well I have come to find out that it is a term describing a certain people who life hack human bodies augmenting them with tech implants. Sounds futuristic and cool? Yeah it fucking does! Anyhoo this guy got tired of headphones and earbud wires getting in the way and getting all broken and stuff SO what does he decide to do? He gets a small magnet implanted in the Tragus. (That little stiff  thing in in front of your ear.) It receives audio signals via magnetic field that is produced by a coil hanging around his neck. Although the audio quality isn’t all that great it is a first step in new tech for this which I think is pretty cool and definitely should be watched for the audiophile.

Heres a link to the article:

AAAAND should you want to make your own invisible headphones here is a small tutorial on how to and what needed:

Welp thats it for me right now guys! Talk to you all again soon!


A Death In The Family.

Today in Metal we lost a great man. Two years after contracting a rare skin disease, SLAYER guitar god, Jeff Hanneman passed from liver failure this morning at 11am. He was just 49 years old. His riffs and his personality and his being will be missed by his family and brothers in arms of SLAYER. May he rock forever in the place where the Gods of Metal dwell.


Good Morning! Videos! Kid Apocalypse!

Hey there Nerdcore Nation I’ve been surfins the Youtubes today and I found a neat little Nerdcore Rapper named Kid Apocalypse. He has a wicked flow and I just had to download his free samples. His song Apocalypse Rising is definitely worth checking out. So if your into nerdcore rap head over to youtube and look him up.

You can find him on facebook here:

And heres a sample of what he can do:



Comics! KISS!


That’s right my dear Nerdcore Nation! KISS is back in the comic groove and it is fucking funky! It might not kick my soul in it’s nuts as a few other comics have BUT it is close. it got my shins and definitely got my attention. KISS starts off our favorite rockstars in the 1920’s in unassuming roles. Its prohibition in Chicago. The land of Speak Easys and Gangsters. An informant is brought in before the boss. The boss tells him to go to hell. Now usually this is just the point where they take him out back and shoot him but no not here. The boss actually rips open a portal to hell. Before he gets tossed in he gets a kiss from a dancer who is definitely more then a stripper. The being empowers our informant with celestial energy just as he gets tossed to hell so he instinctively makes his way out. He finds three others. These four form a unity of power made of pure ROCK, AWESOMENESS, AND BADASSERY. It’s KISS! Do I honestly have to say anymore? Yeah the comic gets a little bit cheesy but it’s based on a fucking awesome rockband. Speaking of When is LORDI going to get their comic? They already had a really cool movie. It was trippy as hell and definitely spooky. It’s called Dark Floors. It’s a good B-movie at the least.  Anyhoo, even though this comic gets kinda cheesy, the artstyle is decent and so is the dialog. If you have seen any KISS movies…. you’d understand exactly how great of a feat that is. *AhemKISSmeetsthephantomoftheparkahem* Real movie. By the way if you could not tell by now I love KISS. I am a proud upstanding member of the KISS ARMY. So anyhoo. Without my KISS bias, you need to check it out. Or Gene Simmons will probably have sex with your mom. Less he has already done that then he will probably do it again.

Odds and Ends! Netflix!

Ok so I’m not 100% one for endorsing any bigwig company. However I enjoy netflix for some reasons that aren’t on your average viewers lists.

1. Netflix is a hive of nostalgia. Yes. Yes it is. In the past few months I have seen the original three seasons of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers(and an addition to that almost every other incarnation of power rangers there is.). V.R. Troopers, Beatleborgs, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Beakmans World, Streetsharks, HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe, Bravestar!! Shows that I grew up on. Shows that are on every nerds mind from time to time. With all these oldies but goodies the good people at netflix are adding more all the time.

2. Music Documentaries. I love music. Yes I am a metal head at heart but with so much music in the world from so many years you just can’t listen to one genre and be ok with it. They have documentaries about Queen, Meatloaf, Black Sabbath! They also have concerts. Just the other day I was watching Jaco Pastorious at a 1970’s jazz festival in i believe montreal on netflix. 

3. And third and finally…… Old movies. One thing about me is I love old movies and without netflix, I probably would have gone quite a while without seeing some of the greatest movies ever made. From Nosferatu and Phantom Of The Opera to The Abominable Dr. Phibes and all of those b-horror movies in between. They are on my Insta-Queue and will never leave. However my only gripe with it is that they don’t have Elvira (aten-hut) announcing the movies. oh BTW should she be reading this through some act of the Gods or sheer dumb luck….. I LOVE YOU ELVIRA!!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Anyway. Those are your most nerdy reasons to like netflix. Besides some decent anime (i’m really not a big fan of it…like not at all really…besides Mobile Suite Gundam (the endless waltz kind) and Ronin Warriors I don’t do anime.) There are some killer science and philosophical documentaries. Which also I am absolutely in love with.  Something about Quantum Physics that just gets my gears going. 

Well that’s it for this blog. I just wanted to let you know all the cool stuff that has been on netflix. You might have to search for some  of it. Especially the older movies if your into it like me. Either way enjoy what it be.

I’m also irrevocably in love with elvira.