Comics! Renato Jones: The One%

Whats crackalackin my Nerdcore Nation?! Today is the first comic review we here at Nerdcore comics and more have done in what seems like forever! So while we dust off thwe cobwebs on our review writing skills, please, be gentle with us. So up in our first review we have the comic, Renato Jones: The One%. This comic is about as crazy as it gets. The story is of a kid who gets picked up as the heir to a massive fortune. Whether he is or isn’t the heir is debated. After a bunch of crazy stuff going down within the first few pages, we find ourselves in the present and Renato is all grown up and he is at this point loaded. There is also a hit man going around calling himself The Freelancer. This specific gentleman picks off the insanely rich. It is at this point that I’m going to take a step back and explain the situation of the comic now that your caught up with whats going on with the main character. The story revolves around a world whose economy is a caricature of our own economy. The rich are insanely rich and wield their power, influence and money to gross extremes rivaling if not surpassing the likes of Emperor Nero or Le Marquis De Sade.

Lets now talk brass tax. The art of the comic looks like a mix of early to mid 90’s artwork with the coloring of a pulp comic. Being that a lot of comics end up bought and ignored by me simply because of the artwork, I can vouch that though it seems a bit out there at first, it is absolutely amazing and fits with the feel of the comic very well. For the writing and dialog also gets high marks from me. The flow of the comic has a very nice speed and you can tell each character has his or own personality. Not just a few lines and cookie cut it and repeat. The writer, artist and over all creator of the comic, Kaare Kyle Andrews goes to great lengths to state that this is Kaares comic. It is amazing what one man who is driven can do and at the end of it there is a column and before that a letter to the reader. It is the most inspirational thing I’ve ever read as a writer. So for the Nerdcore Score, I give it a 8/10 for amazing artwork, story and writing and whole-heartedly  suggest giving this comic a try.




Comic Con! SOMD Comic Con 2012!

Hey there my dear Nerdcore Nation! I’ve been mulling over the events of this past saturday since saturday! So much happened! Talked to so many people! Shook so many babies and kissed so many hands! Scratch that…reverse it… I didn’t actually kiss any babies though. There were a pair of Wolverine twins running around using Wolverines Berkserker Strike which was so cute to watch. Two lil wolvies flailing around with adamantine claws. Just so cute. There were THE CROSSED there. Thankfully no one was eaten or had anything else done with them. There were also two vary lovely gals done up as the Mario Brothers. Mustache and All. However at the end of this you will find the male and female Cosplay Of The Con, so stay tuned after you finish my lil blog here. 

This is technically my second Con but the first was kinda rinkydink and there wasn’t a whole lot to do however I did meet some Storm Troopers (which made my life.) This was insane in comparison! There were so many more people there to begin with. Roughly 1200 people through the day, mabey more! So many vendors and artists and game makers it made my head spin! But coming here was no free ride for your friendly neighborhood boneman, me, Mr. Jimi Bones. No sir not at all. I was there working with the awesome guys at CrashGem!

During most of the day, I spent ALOT of time out on the floor with about one hundred CrashGem business cards. My mission, to hand them out, talk to people and drum up sales for the guys. Mission Accepted. Mission Accomplished! I handed out all one hundred in a matter of hours, shook so many hands my wrist was hurting and talked to so many people and other assorted creatures that I felt like I was going to loose my voice! This honestly made my Con. I love talking to people. I love walking up to strangers, striking up a conversation and walking away knowing one more awesome person in the world. I met quite an array of characters there (both in and out of costume) that I was rolling with sheer enjoyment of the whole thing. In my midday work I also help tend the booth and help take a bit more workload off the fellows there by helping with sales and packaging. They made a decent little chunk that day and I hope that some of it was because of me. (but we all know a good amount was.) I also help introduce them to this one game maker who has just a pure geneious game oozing from his pores that it solidified into something of pure epic and win. His game is a mix of Chess, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons d20 system. Also for bonus epic points, his business card is an actual playing card in the game. Now if that isn’t awesome, I just don’t know what is. 

At the end of the day, alot of things went down along with the sun and all in all it was very bitter sweet. I enjoyed myself so much I just did not want it to end in the slightest. But we all know that good things always come to an end eventually. So the next best thing is heading to the next con I can find and hopefully I’ll get a chance to work with the guys from CrashGem again. With that note I am more then willing to be your freelance greeter, your spokesman, your voice among the citizens among the vendor booths. I will not be unseen, I will be the hero you need. I will do this because I have to. I can take it. Honestly I enjoy it way to much! haha. So with that closing I bid you all good night for now. I have some comics to read for this week, some news to look up for you and a few more interviews to try to arrange! So my dear Nerdcore Nation you will find videos of the con on and pics at So that’s some other news! we have a youtube and a facebook page to like! So go my friends! GO! Spread the word!

Male Cosplay of the Con!

Female Cosplay of The Con!

CrashGem Studoios First Customer!

Comics! Saga!

A base of Star Wars with a pinch of Game of Thrones. Tolkien adds a dash of spooks. FlCL provides the T.V.’s and the magic sparks all it’s own! (insert evil witch laugh here)

Ok my dearies this review is for the comic Saga. There can be alot to say about this comic but at the same time there isn’t. In short this is made of win and awesome. The long version goes like this. Saga is a comic based in a universe where there is alot of crazy shit. It really is simple as that. It follows the lives of a political prisoner who escapes a prison with a gaurd he fell in love with. Him being some sort of Pan creature is soley magic based while the love of his life is a gun toter. With that dynamic set in place thier personalities are written to be really believable put in impossible situations which is one of the reasons why I love this comic. Theres also nothing in this comic that is whole heartedly normal. It throws blatent situations at you very fast and you have nothing to do but accept it and love it. The very first issue has the female lead Alana giving birth. Then there is T.V. headed people having sex. You read that right. Read that part again to make sure. Now moving on. If that hasn’t caught your attention then nothing will.

Like I said in my little spell to draw you into the world of Saga, it is a giant mix of alot of things. It is set in a universe where magic and technology runs side by side. Where there is interstellar travel. Where ghosts like people and where cats tell you if someone is lying. It’s a strange world but it is Saga. The story is also taken from the view of a story told to the narrorator who happens to be the lead characters child.  All that aside the story is full of action, thrills, political intrique, strange things that will scare you and arouse you at the same time and it is all pulled togather with a wonderfully fresh art and ink style that I have fallen in love with. The dialog is masterfully written and the personalities of all the characters are believeable like ive said before. So once again my nerdcore crazies take a minute out of your day and pick up this comic. It is on its third issue (of which are twice as long as a normal comic) and is only $2.99. If anything should tell you about this comic its this: My wifey who is the absolute most pickiest person I’ve ever known loves this comic and is her first monthly. So there. Go on now.

Comics! Danger Club!

Ok here is a short and a fun one. This Image comic is only two issues in and so far im loving it! It definately has a young justice league feel bro. But its alot more brutal. Anyhoo the back story for it is that all of the worlds super heros went off into space to fight some unknown enemy at this point. With the heros gone and no evidence to show that they might be coming back, the sidekicks of the world let everything fall to an anarchic state in thier own sites. One of the stronger sidekicks Apollo even tried to create a super powered super side kick army. It didnt work all thanks to the Danger Club. The main characters consist of a Robin archetype names Kid Vigilante, a Magic user archetype named Ivan , essentially a gundam and gumdam pilot (its neat though.) named Yoshimi and finally a Nick Fury archetype named Jack. The ride from the first page to the last is definately a fun and brutal one. So if you get a chance and your looking for a filler for the inbetween weeks or just something new to spice up your life I do Suggest Danger Club.